Contact Uno Hit

Please use the contact form to reach us or the individual phone numbers listed below.

Our organization consists of our students, parents and the following board members and key positions:

  • Sandy Flores Uslander, President and Board Member 209 770-2007
  • Jenise Leon Guerrero, Vice President and Board Member
  • Andie Gogue, Secretary and Board Member
  • Loling Cepeda, Treasurer
  • Brienda Diaz, Board Member 805 312-1728
  • Heidi Quenga, Board Member
  • Monica Rupley, Board Member
  • Lola Gogue, Board Member
  • Roslynn Flores, Board Member
  • Jessica Lee, Board Member
  • Janelle Fejeran, Community Advisor
  • Venesa Lujan, Performance Support

Heidi Quenga is our fafana’gue, teacher of Chamorro dance


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