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Felis Añu Nuebu!

Dear Uno Hit

To our families; the Villagomez, the Diaz, Palacios and Duenas, the Quinatas and Lujans and Superales, Guico, Aquino, Stevens, Leon Guerrero, Salas, Lute, Flores, Castellanos, Santos, Rodriguez, Beck, Chargulaf, Iglesias, Gogue, Valencia, Lee, Hart, San Nicolas, Leyva, Uslander and Sanford families,

To our additional supporters; Camachos, Poissots, Modic, Aguon, Benavente, Cruz, Archuletas, Babautas, Cepedas, Borjas, Acfalles, Pangelinans, Sgambelluris, Wallers, Cabreras, and Berglund families and new families joining us this season, wishing everyone a beautiful new year in 2017.

Four years ago, Uno Hit was only an idea. With the support and guidance of Auntie Heidi and Kutturan Chamoru, Uno Hit was born, bringing new energy to Chamorro dance in San Diego. With Kutturan Chamoru and Imahen Taotao Tano, we have been joined by Irensia and together share the responsibility of perpetuating not only our dances, but our Chamorro culture in southern California and beyond. We also rely on the continued support of the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club.

We are the dedicated and the privileged. Because we support Uno Hit, we have the opportunity of live so far from home while maintaining the values and traditions of our Chamorro culture.

When we look back at 2016, we should be proud of what we have acheived in pursuit of our mission:

  • Uno Hit became a financially independent program under the Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego with non-profit status.
  • Uno Hit became a dance group in development under the Kutturan Chamoru Foundation.
  • Performed for Optimist International at the International Presidents Dinner
  • Represented Chamorros in the first ever Aloha by the Bay event with the Jonathan Tar Foundation
  • Supported Guam Festival of Pacific Arts delegates at the Festival of Chamorro Arts (FoCHA)
  • Performed at the Bishops Council Dinner in San Diego
  • Joined in song to honor the passing of Tun Jesus Taitano
  • Performed for the assembly for Chamorro Studies in Del Mar
  • Uno Hit had photos and mention in the Union Tribute for the Chamorro Studies program
  • The Chamorro Studies program with Uno Hit was published in the Optimist International magazine
  • Uno Hit received a program grant from Optimist International
  • Performed on Stage at the Chamorro Cultural Fest in San Marcos
  • Supported seven Uno Hit members to participate as Chamorro Dancers at FestPac
  • Hired to perform for the JFK Mega Reunion in San Diego.
  • Uno Hit obtained use of the Balboa Park House of Pacific Relations facilities through association with House of Chamorros and the Chamorro Optimist Club
  • Uno Hit performed for the Guam Liberation Picnic at the Guam Club
  • Uno Hit performed in the Orange County Pacific Islander Festival
  • Uno Hit celebrated its third anniversary!
  • Uno Hit performed at the Pacific Islander Festival, San Diego
  • Joined in song to honor the passing of Leonora Diaz
  • Supported the Chamorro Optimists Childhood Cancer Campaign, Gold Glow Walk
  • Represented the House of Chamorros, performing at the Balboa Parks December Nights International Christmas Festival
  • and more…

Uno Hit familia, you make Uno Hit what it is. What will you make happen in 2017?

Will our group travel? Will we expand into language instruction? Will we partner with schools, cultural groups or corporate sponsors? It’s up to you to decide. We have already turned what was just an idea into an accomplished group that we can be proud of.

Our potential is unlimited!

Biba 2017! Biba Uno Hit! Biba Chamorro!

Sandy Flores Uslander, Executive Director on behalf of the Uno Hit Board, Sue Castro-Cabrera, Loling Cepeda, Brienda Diaz, Jenise Leon Guerrero, Venesa Lujan and Heidi Chargulaf Quenga